Meta Mart

Here are contained pages full of images and media
that the world of the web is distributing
and converging on regarding important topics.

I'm remixing an ultimate collection of
image media I am able to find on the web,
and creating media of my own,
that are important and relevant toward the
collective action potential of people.

The focus is on what should be seen together
and communicating abstract thinking. The purposeful
representation of media is to the essential question of
it's manner of communication and to question
it's position and message. The focus is not
about viewing affirmations, but in a similar spirit it is to
utilise affirmation type media of a specific targeted
objective focus. Through challenging and being
challenged by media, as well as our explicit
vestigiality for relating media, we are able to make
a reasonable image of the strains of voices which
represent our direct momentum and capacities
as politically-minded informational beings
and political executors and participators.

I hope these can serve as a useful resource
and empower the actions of those
who make the world a better place,
wether that's as small as in your own home,
your patterns, your workplace,
your educational institution, your community,
or as large as things effecting the whole world.

I believe in intentional processing to co-opt
acting realised intentionally,
and the power of reflective thinking,
to manifest real change in the world.
That is only a part of effecting change though,
truth being that people must take action.
That using discussion and reflection for spin politics
is not an actual substitute or effective at all,
for what requires action!
And the world and it's people,
and those disadvantaged by the failings of society,
and the realities of people existing, as contrast to
those in privilege of decisive wealth and powers,
are relying on you all as individuals
to take initiative of your own accord,
and in use of the attributes, responsibilities,
and power of your given and found position and
opportunity, to be active and maximise all the
good you can do, to save and uplift the world.

Not through campaign focused electioneering
which sees initiatives as election materials,
where the change we make is predicated on
assuming just a prospective government's
election platform represents our momentum for
causal societal effects and democracy,
nor in our meeting in echo chambers.
But through the pro-generative management of
your live interactions and the pursuit of democratic
engagement, and from the use of your potential
and active resource, in a way which comes to the
address of the the pressing issues and calamative
tasks at hand, which effect every one of us in some
form or another, wether from avenues that are
enshrined or those being manifested, and to places
anywhere and all over the totality of our environment.

Not through the bastardisation of our social
sphere where people take to cajoling out
metonymy and polysemy over the treating of
actual cultural inclines and issues of the day
and our political systems, so to become fodder for
entertainment and a race to the bottom in a
battle of irresponsibleness, hostility, insincerity,
and dimwittery.

Because if we don't address the things which
we maintain selective or opportunistic blindness to,
and continue to let the hazards of unmet discord
wreak havoc in our communities and world,
we will not have a safe or happy home toward
which we can look upon the parts of it's
make-up and effects, and feel secure energy of
living between each other and our places
of existence, as these are reflective of what we
propagate for the sociological framework of
the ecology of our society.

You can help the world. You can help the people
in this world. You can help with real issues in
this society. You can help in so many ways.
And it starts from taking the momentum you have
toward a belief in change or a belief in communal
good will, or a will you have that you could do
something for a certain aspect of it all,
and not just taking it upon yourself, the "limitation of
willed momentum from your own", as the way you
view making positive progress in our society,
but realising that taking it upon yourself is just a
part which involves also giving yourself to others
and putting your will to this giving invested
bi-camerally into your abilities manifesting in
helping others who would
or could take up the calling of effort with you.
And as they collectively take it upon themselves,
along with being helped by taking upon with you,
and helping you, what you take upon is
not held ransom by a limitation of will.
When you do anything, whatever it is, that you can,
to right a wrong, or do a kindness, or help a failing,
and especially to provide support to wherever it
may be lacking, to anyone in society, and you do
so not just from a readied momentum, and still do
so without anyone else there to carry the cause
of will alongside you, even where a presentation
of substituted will might otherwise give you cause
to present an excuse, that will is transformative in
society. It is carried for you as freedom from
a society that would hold your will at ransom.
And you help yourself to this freedom, as you help
others. Freedom is not something that holds
us at ransom so without failings in our society
we would lose this selfish predilection.
This freedom is the knowledge that what we do
or don't do matters, and so thus what we are
able to do is a manifest for all the things
which need doing, reflecting ourselves.
And to come at this you need to assuage reason of
the causes existing in society, viewing the attaching
functions that represent them, seeing these
objectively for what and how they are represented,
and construe what these attachment's are
objectively comprised of. They are made up of
intersubjectivity with properties of disposition and
effects, through which people are composed of
their selfhood in those attachments, and from
wherein you can find yourself, connected,
related subjectively of another through
being representative together of your
intersubjectivity, and from this your own
subjective self is reflective as the agency for
both your self and for what you come to represent
in the objective measure of human sociality
in which you embody the formulation, and your
choices - which you choose to commit to -
are what's developing humanity in their all
consciousness of expressing motionality.

It's my hope that this world can be saved from
ruining itself on the disrespect or contempt people
carry for it and each other, that we rise to fight
forward so that we may create something
better as enduring progressive change that
maintains for the future and for our
collective being living in the present moment
here and now. As well as making the change
for the right of present and future living
beings to a secure place to call home, living,
and environment in the world we call our home.
Finding that the root of human placeability in our
aptitude to have responsible attachmentalism,
is through our using empathy even for that which
does not show itself directly apparent to our experience.

It is about more than having a lasting legacy of
our people or our selves, greater even than it being
to save our descendants from the surety they are
facing of our generating for them ruin and
destruction, absolute in it's urgent necessary
imperative as even that is.
Formative in and upon it all is there being
necessitated we protect and invest in saving the
culture and habitable environment in which we will
never anything but perpetually inhabit in our limited
significant lives steadfast upon this closed planet.
Living with the effects of this closed environment's
circular transference and our own.

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Most media in these pages are made by others.
Most found are externally hosted where they are sourced
and inclusion does not guarantee endorsement by/for
anyone or assert a media is legitimated.
Expressed views remain those of who created them
and I am not affiliated in the expression of anyone
else's own personal views.
Represented media are generally not sought for
authorisation, due to the volume of their being
publicly hosted and it's cause-focused casual nature.
All media is fair used as a personally
specific, non-commercial/non-profit, politically
representative commentary.
This is a pro-active cause-supporting artistic contents
creators and journalism discussion project,
it is not a selfish beneficiary for me or my brand.

If anything is your creation or likeness and
you would prefer it not shared,
please let me know via the message form,
and I will dis-include it.
Persons depicted are shown in a respecting regard
as they are represented from as
the media they are shown in,
as depicted by the given context of the media,
from an open media landscape,
as their personal embodiment for media context
has given their depiction their credible copyright,
including environmental variable allowance in
being related in a public space,
and personal relationships of personal depictions
in the media have not been vetted.
I object to the infringement by anyone against the
creators of media and related persons,
and direct strongly against using
this media in any commercialist, plagiarist,
transgressive, unfair or other dysappropriating
infringing way.
I cannot personally authorise most of this media
or confirm it's availability.
The internet is a place where people share ideas freely,
and a culture of memeing and remixing,
including diversely referenced and
hyperlinked contents,
where the responsible, managed and intentionalised
freely able exchange and discussion of politically
formative thoughts and their composite depictions
as media, should not be
made hindrance to objective visible relateability
or their expressions manufactured to the public
through online manipulation, chambering their
relationship against the media journal sharing of
those ideas.
With concern given to media which is suitable for sharing,
and for unsuitable media for journalistic
sharing being held to a standard of journalistic
integrity whereby common medias of a sensitive
nature are preclusively handled with respect and care
for their differing relationship
with how it is manufactured in the public's subjective
response to them and their contextual relationship as
differentiating socially effectual representations
that are publicly construable.