Web Images

The images I have sourced from the web that are featured in these pages herein are not my own and I claim no personal copyright over them and they all have assumed copyright. Generally no authorisation has been sought or given for the images and they feature as they were represented in web searches. If any of these images are your creations and you would prefer them not shared, please contact me and I will respect your wishes. I have used these images under a fair use modicum of good faith for a personally specific commentary, but I must discourage anyone from breaching the creator's confidence through unfair, transgressive, plagiarist or inappropriate use.

I am hoping to further empower people's contributions and engagement in the progressive movement of the political landscape by searching for, assembling, promoting, and remixing, images that others have made that I find on the web that advocate causes or illustrate perspectives for important issues. I am focusing on collecting poignant or particularly resonant images and making further empowerment of those images through considering their resonance when viewed collectively with relative others. I am trying to compile these images into larger models that engage people in their own abstract thinking and people's capacity for collective action.

I am generally featuring images which are particularly prominent, and most often singularly prominent, as the most directly featured representative image for their relative perspective when searching on the web. Wherever possible, I attempt to provide the source of the image in a tag and link underneath, and most often this source link leads to a highly relevant article and I also intentionally present the image from that article as a way of sharing that associated media. Most of the images featured are hosted from external sites where I originally sourced the image from, as such I am unable to guarantee the exact legitimacy or availability of any of them.