Web Images

I'm searching for, assembling, promoting, and remixing - images (mostly) and specific media items - that others have made - that I find on the web - which advocate causes and illustrate important issues - so as to create focused compilations of things which need to and should be viewed with specific collectivism - and communicate with people about abstract thinking and people's capacity for collectivist action!

Most media in these pages are not mine. The media feature the same as they were represented in web searches. Most are externally hosted from where they were sourced and I do not guarantee their legitimacy or availability. In general, no authorisation has been sought or given for the use of media due to the volume and the spirit of diversity and common cause of the project and it's casual nature. If any are your creations and you would prefer them not shared, please just let me know and I will remove your image should you ask. I am using this media under a fair use practice, on good faith, for a non-commercial/non-profit personally specific commentary.  

I object and direct strongly against the infringement by anyone against the creator's of this media and their copyright, by using this media in any commercialist, plagiarist, transgressive, unfair or other inappropriate way.